About Robert

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I have been greatly blessed with a long marriage and two great children. Angie, our kids and I currently reside in Corvallis, Oregon but have lived in Arizona, Quebec, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. I have traveled on both short term and long term projects to all the continents, except Antarctica.

My first job in tech sales was in the 1980s and I remember selling modems that were as large as a small refrigerator and disk drives that consisted of stackable platters which, you put into something that resembled a washing machine. 

I have held positions in technology sales and marketing for over two decades. (I started when i was six, truly …)

I believe i was using email by about 1989 and a CRM around the same time. I remember how amazing I thought it was when one could finally send email outside the four walls of the company. My interests in applying technology to increase productivity have been a constant. I discovered GTD about five years ago and the system has been in use in some format in my professional life ever since. I've blogged and contributed to forums at various sites for many years. 

In addition to business and technology my interests include model railroads, history and nostalgia things like old movies, old radio etc. 

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